Cefito Bathroom Free Standing Bath Tubs Acrylic Gloss White SPA Tubs 170X80X58CM

SKU: BT-IS-RO-M-1708058


Nothing beats a soothing bath after a long hard day at work or a strenuous workout session. And what better way to enjoy it than soaking yourself in a Cefito Deep Set Bathtub. Made from the highest quality materials with superb craftsmanship, our bathtub is designed to create a therapeutic bath experience and make the bath as humanly enjoyable as possible. That is why the bathtub incorporates a humanized design such as a shape that compensates for the human body and slim sides to maximize bath space. The bathtub itself features a multi-layer construction to ensure strength and durability. It also holds water temperature well with slow heat dissipation and allows a constant warmth throughout your bath. Better still, the bathtub has a high weight capacity to allow more than one person to enjoy the bath together. Not least, the elegant profile makes this freestanding bathtub a stylish addition to any modern bathroom.


- Easy to clean

- Deformation-resistant

- Withstand up to 500 kg

- Push button drain included

- Adjustable feet

- Better thermal insulation

- Slim edges

- Humanized design

- Slow heat dissipation

- Comfortable bathing space

- CUPC, CE approved

Bonus: 34.5cm waste drain hose


Material: Acrylic with fibre glass reinforcement

Weight capacity: Maximum 500kg e.g

Dimension: 1700mm x800mm x 580mm

Weight: 55kg

Colour: Gloss white

Package Content

1 x Bath tub

1 x Bonus water drain hose

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