Top renovation tips

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom but have no idea where to start? Cefito has you covered! From the seed of an idea down to the bathrooms sink, we have laid out everything you should consider when embarking on a renovation.

Create a look book (including what you don’t want)

Before you even think about booking the builders and plumbers, think about what you want from the renovation. Take this opportunity to go wild and list everything you could ever want. Claw bath? Done. Wall to wall pastels? Done. Create a Pinterest board or use magazine cut-outs to make a look book. Also make sure to include everything you don’t want – no carpet, no leather, no gold fittings, your worst nightmare renovation. Once you’ve laid it all out, you can pick and choose the best of the best and get a real idea of what you want your style to be.

Your budget is always more

What kind of budget are you looking at? Compare it to your look book and make adjustments. While it’s possible to keep your renovation under four digits, on average you’re looking at around $10,000. Remember the first rule of budgeting for home renovations: it’s likely to cost more than you think, so lean towards the higher end of the spectrum to cover for any delays, renegotiations, or other unexpected costs.

Work with a designer

Is it necessary? No. But a professional eye may prevent you from making a massive mistake, as many a DIY interior designer will tell you. Make sure you find someone who is knowledgeable about both design and construction, and who you trust to fulfill your vision. You may want a designer for just a conceptual layout, or one who will provide building plans and products, or even a designer who also acts as a construction manager. While it will add to the cost of the renovation, it will save you time planning and sourcing contractors and products.

Lighting, ventilation and waterproofing

The three things most important to a bathroom. Lighting will make or break your bathroom depending on what you plan on using it for. If you plan to apply makeup by the vanity, you need to make sure you are using natural light or cool, bright light with a CRI>90. You also want to make sure it’s placed so that it is uniform across the face. Ambient lighting should ensure ease of movement around the room. On top of that, the fittings should be suitable for high humidity environments. Speaking of humidity, your ventilation system should be able to vent the same cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) as your bathroom’s square footage. If your bathroom doesn’t currently have ventilation, you’ll have to use an electrician to install it. Finally, make sure everything in the bathroom is properly waterproofed. Mould and mildew build-up is not just an annoyance, but a threat to the integrity of your home and your air quality.

Check your local laws

Even though you’re renovating your own home, the renovation may still be subject to certain laws. If your house was built before 1990 it may contain asbestos, which requires specialist removal. Some renovations must comply with the energy efficiency requirements set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Your builder may be required to provide insurance if the cost is over $16,000. All contractors will have to meet certain compliance standards. For more information visit

Book your contractors early

Booking a contractor can be a lengthy process. Don’t just go with the first contractor you see! Collect recommendations from people you know and read reviews before contacting a potential contractor. Google the company. Check with the Better Business Bureau if they have been involved in any disputes. Next, talk to your top picks to see if you will work together. Budget is a big concern, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Choose easy to clean, water saving fittings

Of course, for maintenance, you want fittings that you can easy clean and/or replace over time, so looking for fittings that are dirt, scratch and oil resistant is ideal. As for water saving, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, plumbers and builders all have important obligations under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Act to supply fittings that save water. A high WELS rating means that your product is highly water efficient, which means high savings for you in the future. Cefito products are Watermark certified and WELS approved, so you know who to turn to when it comes to fittings.

We hope these tips help on your journey towards a new bathroom! For more handy tips visit the rest of our blog, or browse our range of water efficient, stylish and practical bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories.