10 creative storage solutions for your bathroom

It never feels like there’s enough room for his, hers and theirs, especially if you’re sharing a bathroom. It can get pretty hectic having to sort through everyone’s bathroom belongings, especially if you didn’t really have the space to begin with.

If you’re struggling to keep your bathroom storage under control, here are some helpful hints from Cefito.


Baskets are ALWAYS a good storage idea. They are perfect for keeping all your essentials in one place, and there are so many on the market you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect baskets to suit your unique décor. Label according to products or people and slip them wherever they will fit: in the cupboards, under the sink, above the vanity. Choose baskets that are airy and easy to clean, to make it easier to combat humidity.

Rolling carts

Use a bar cart, trolley or rolling caddy to store essentials and move it around as you need. Perfect for makeup, toilet paper, bubble bath or other supplies that may need ferrying from the shower to the sink and back. They are especially useful when you’re in the spa mood and need some extra shelving for your wine glass, waterproof speaker, and cheeseboard. Salute!

A storage ladder

A stylish element that also takes advantage of vertical space, you can use an actual ladder leaning against the wall to hang towels and robes, or ladder-style shelves to store everything else. To get this authentic ladder look, you can make one from scratch, repurpose an older ladder, or purchase a ready-made unit.

Trinket trays

Instead of spreading out on your bench, organise your daily essentials onto a tray. At the end of a long night, you can fling your jewellery, ties and general pocket contents onto your tray and know exactly where they are going to be the next morning. Perfect for the type of person who is constantly losing their house keys, retainers, contacts and earrings.

Floating shelves

They are many different types of floating shelving you can use in a bathroom, whether with suction cups, hooks or some light DIY. Floating shelves are free-for-all: you can install them wherever you want, however you want, in whatever style. From corner shelves to geometric shelves, the opportunities are endless.

Repurposed kitchen storage

Use tiered spice racks, clear fridge containers and old spice racks to organise your supplies like deodorant, hairspray, perfume or nail polish remover. If you’re repurposing wooden storage, you may want to re-varnish it to protect against steam and water, or choose plastic and ceramic. Just because it was intended to be used in another room, doesn’t mean it has to be. The only limit is your imagination!

A sink skirt

Hide storage underneath the sink with a sink skirt. While this is an older trend, it’s made a comeback in recent years alongside the resurgence of patterned wallpaper. Sink skirts are easy to install and can be made from any old fabric lying around at home, so it makes the perfect weekend DIY.

Over the door storage

Once again vertical space comes to the rescue! Hang a fabric caddy, shower caddy, hooks or other hanging shelves over your bathroom door, shower door, curtain rod or vanity cupboard doors. Pockets galore to hold your hair care routine, pre-sorted accessories, shaving essentials, face washers, hand towels and much, much more!

Drawer dividers

Use drawer dividers to make exact zones for all your products and reduce the chaotic mess. You can buy pre-made, adjustable dividers, or make your own out of scrap wood, coloured tape, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can also use a repurposed cutlery tray, desk organiser, or Tupperware containers to keep everything separate and organised.

Magnetic storage

Stick magnetic caddies on any magnetic surface in your bathroom to add extra storage. If you’re not using anything magnetic, you can add a sheet of lightweight steel, a stick-on magnetic sheet, magnetic tape or a colourful magnetic board for a cheap magnetic surface within minutes. You can even use it to keep those other pesky objects in place like bobby pins or nail scissors. Great for the person who’s always moving and re-organising.

For bathroom storage, there are many options to choose from to fit your exact needs. For all your other bathroom needs, there’s Cefito.