Tips for a perfectly clear glass shower

One of the most irritating jobs in the world: trying to keep a glass shower clean. It’s like trying to keep your glasses clean: try all you like but it will smudge again in two seconds. The hassle! The pain! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep your elegant glass feature piece without worrying about grime ever again with our glass shower care tips.

What causes it?

There are lots of thing that contribute to foggy shower glass, but these are the main culprits:

  • Soap, shampoo and other products: We’ve all splashed shampoo on the wall with a poorly timed hair flick or steadied ourselves while holding the soap bar. Soap scum (that white chalky residue) that is allowed to dry and build up can become a real pain.
  • Body oil, skin and dirt: Obviously, we take showers to get clean. We wash off a day’s worth of dead skin cells, dirt and body oils that mostly goes down the drain but can also end up on our walls.
  • Hard water deposits: Hard water describes fresh water that is chock full of minerals including calcium and magnesium. Another dry and chalky residue that ends up on our taps, hard water deposits don’t just hurt the aesthetics of your bathroom, it could also hurt your plumbing.
  • Mould and mildew: Grows in warm, wet areas. Sounds like your bathroom, right?

So, what can we do to combat these horrible eye-catching stains? It’s simple, though you will have to implement some new habits.

  • Clean the shower after every use with a squeegee. This stops any hard water deposits forming on the door.
  • Keep your ventilation running for at least 15 minutes post-shower and leave the shower door open to air out. It will dry it out and prevent mould from forming.
  • Once a week, wipe down your shower door with a clean sponge and a homemade mixture of vinegar and liquid dishwashing soap. Don’t use vinegar on stone showers! Instead, mix dishwashing liquid and baking soda until it reaches a frosting-like consistency and use that instead.
  • For more stubborn scum, unleash the magic of a Magic Eraser! These handy foam blocks are perfect for getting through any tough stains and marks – including soap scum off your glass doors!
  • Really get into the corners with an old toothbrush. You’ll want to do this at least once a month to stay on top of mould, mildew, and trapped soap scum. Pay special attention to the edges of the shower door, as this is where most of the build-up will occur.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you get on top of your shower scum. For all your other shower needs, Cefito has you covered with a wide range of showerheads and faucets. If you’re looking to renovate, or perhaps we’ve convinced you to get a glass shower of your own, we have everything you need for the bathroom and kitchen. Browse our range or check in with one of our trusted retail partners today.